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The VTF Fan Filter Unit is a self-contained ceiling unit for use in turbulent mixing and laminar flow cleanroom 

The VTF Fan Filter Unit is a self-contained ceiling unit for use in turbulent mixing and laminar flow cleanroom applications. Fan Filter Unit is designed to provide filtered laminar airflow over a specific area. The unit integrates a high efficiency fan together a HEPA/ULPA filter. The FFU draws in contaminated air from the top of the module, and
exhaust filtered clean air vertically in a laminar air stream at its base. FFU’s are commonly used in the construction of Class 1 to Class 100,000 cleanrooms ( as per the US Federal
Standard 209E

•  Permanently lubricated, direct-drive centrifugal blower. 
•  Light weight, corrosion-resistant construction 
•  Wide range of ceiling grid system compatible 
•  Integral metal faceguard protects the HEPA/ULPA filter from damage during installation and transportation. 
•  Fan inlet guard grille ensure operator safety during installation and prevents large objects from falling into the casing and damaging the blower 
•  Pre Filter available on request 
•  Unique modular one-piece blower and electrical assembly is designed be serviceable and easily replaceable at lower maintenance costs. 
• Standard unit shipped with 3 core electrical wires. 
• Quiet operation of less than 56dBA (measured at a distance of 1m from the unit at the standard airflow velocity of 0.45m/s or 90 FPM with standard AC blower.) 
• Choose from conventional AC or energy efficient EC Blowers Standard blower speed controller. 
• Duct Collar 10” (250 mm) and 12 ” (300 mm): allows direct connection to the air air conditioning supply. 
• Room-Side Replacement (RSR) available with gel seal filter element, filter is replacement from the roomside. 

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