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    Ceiling Filters F5/EU5 CB600 available in rolls,suitable for high efficiency filtration of intake air in pressurized paint spray booths and ovens in automobile repair shop and for the pre-filtration of more efficient filters.

    Paint Booth Ceiling Filters have the dual function of spreading and filtering incoming air from the ceiling plenum and is a fundamental element of a painting process free from defects.Spray booth intake filters, also known as ceiling filters, make up the second stage of the air filtration process. They can resemble large “blankets” with a thicker version of the polyester batting typically sewn into quilts. They can also be made up of individual pads meant to fit into a framework. Some paint booth filter pads have an integrated metal framework to increase their rigidity. The Ceiling Filters need to be changed at least once a year. Shops that regularly perform paint work will require more frequent changes, often around 2-3 times a year.

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