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Metal Mesh Air Filter
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Metal Mesh Air Filter


AirFence ® metal mesh filters are designed for a wide range of uses and can be used 300-600 FPM. The media consist of multi-layers of corrugated aluminum mesh or stainless steel mesh which provides superior dust catching ability and a life cycle up to four times longer than conventional filters. This media is enclosed in a durable metal frame or stainless steel frame. 
AirFence metal mesh filters are completed washable and are available in a wide range of sizes in depth of 1”, 2 ” and 4  . They are offered with or without handles. 
AirFence metal mesh filters are widely used in commercial and industrial HVAC systems to protect the heat transfer coils from becoming coated with dust and lint. They are also used as preflight's to higher efficiency filters. Permanent filters are ideally suited for installation where high-moisture conditions exit. Lightweight construction 
makes them easy to handle, install, and clean.
• Multiple layers of pleated media capture more dirt 
• Lightweight 
• Permanent and washable 
• High dust holding capacity 
• Can be made in all sizes 
• A lot of different application 
• Disposable, easy to use, low service cost 
• Produce little to no dust 

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