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Mini Pleat HEPA/ULPA Filter
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Mini Pleat HEPA/ULPA Filter


UltraMICRO ® HJP Mini pleat HEPA/ULPA filter is designed for use in cleanroom ceiling system and 
equipment where ultra-high efficiency filtration is required. Available in a wide variety of standard sizes, our Mini pleat provides optimal performance in variable air volume system. UltraMICRO filters are available in the full range of cell side configurations to fit all types of housings and framing systems: 
Gasket Seal 
Gel Seal 
Reverse Gel Seal 
Disposable Ceiling Modules 
Knife Edge 
The filters are made from water resistant,fire retardant, micro fiber glass media.Designed to accommodate higher airflow volume, these filters are used for laminar flow bench,bio safety cabinets, dispensing booths and as terminal filters in cleanroom applications. 
The UltraMICRO filters designed to meet the demanding airflow and efficiency requirements of the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, biotech, food processing, and other industries in which airborne contaminants must be carefully controlled. These mini-pleat filters combine the right features to give you optimum efficiency while keeping operating costs to a minimum. 
• Mini-pleat design features maximum media cleaning potential 
• Tested for leak proof 
• Lightweight and compact 
• Easy installation 
• Lowest possible pressure drop reduces operating costs. 
• Each filter includes a label noting tested efficiency,pressure drop,rated airflow; 
• A one-piece endless gasket to ensure a leak-free filter-to-holding mechanism seal (optional) 
Available in a range of cleaning efficiencies 95%@DOP, 99.97%@DOP, 99.995%@DOP and 99.9995% on 0.12 microns. 

  • Parameters

  • - Frame: Extruded Aluminium / Galvanized Steel /MDF 
    - Media: Wet laid microfine glass paper 
    - Separator: Hot-melt beads 
    - Sealant: Polyurethane 
    - Gasket: Continuous foamed seal /Neoprene 
    - Frame Type: Box, Gel Seal, Reverse Gel Seal, Knife edge 
    - Max.Constant Temperature: 80℃ (170  ) 
    - Recommended Final Resistance: 600Pa ( 2.4” W.G) 
    - Flammability: UL Classified 
    - Relative Humidity: 100% 
    Each HEPA filter is tested in accordance with European standard BS EN 1822-1,4&5 (Testing filter elements HEPA and ULPA efficiency and scan method). 

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