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Pass Box With Uv Light
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Pass Box With Uv Light


Pass Box is an supporting equipment for wash room. It is mainly accustomed to pass the small reports between clean room in addition to unclean room. Pass Box is made to minimize traffic and contamination entry in the clean room. Enables pieces, tools, and other work item that they are passed to and in the room, unit acts as a possible air lock device preventing ambient air from coming into, or clean air through existing the clean place.

Controlling the ingress connected with particulate contamination into cleanrooms along with other controlled environments is paramount as a way to maintain the integrity associated with products and processes.

Personnel traffic is the most important factor which must always be controlled. Pass Boxes is a cost effective solution as they allow materials to be transferred into your controlled environment without actual personnel movement. They will also work used to protect the external environment from egress involving contamination, for example, with biological safety laboratory programs.

Product Characteristics

• Electronic or Kinetic interlock by preventing both equally doors from being opened as well.

• The pass box surface is constructed of stainless steel, making the project zone easy to clear.

• Acrylic doors provides a definite view of the inner chamber.

• All components are designed for maximum chemical challenge and enhanced durability for your long service life.

• The main body in the pass box is made from powder epoxy finishing steel or steel.

• UV-lighting is out there upon request.

• Electronic or Mechanical interlock by preventing both doors from being opened at the same time. 
• The pass box surface is constructed of stainless steel ,making the work zone easy to clean. 
• Acrylic doors provides a clear view of the internal chamber. 
• All components are designed for maximum chemical resistance and enhanced durability for a long service life. 
• The main body of the pass box is constructed of powder epoxy finishing steel or stainless steel. 
• UV-lighting is available upon request. 

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