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FFU with HEPA filter
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FFU with HEPA filter


Fan Filter Unit can be a self-contained ceiling unit for used turbulent mixing and laminar circulation cleanroom applications. Fan Filter Unit is built to provide filtered laminar airflow spanning a specific area. The unit integrates an increased efficiency fan together your HEPA/ULPA filter. The FFU draws in contaminated air from the top of the module, and exhaust filtered clean air vertically in the laminar air stream from its base. FFU’s are commonly used in the construction of Class 1 to help Class 100, 000 cleanrooms ( down to the US Federal Regular 209E)

We developed FFU is usually from basing upon the actual concepts including, to decrease running cost by saving energy, and to lower initial cost by entire design of clean area; such as noise specification or anything else, to meet all what's needed for constructing, operating, and also maintaining cleanrooms. Our manufacturing capabilities vary from complete computerized sheet metallic design, to fabrication plus assembly. A vertically-integrated approach helps to ensure that quality can be controlled at every step in the way.

Product Characteristics

• Permanently lubricated, direct-drive centrifugal blower.

• Lightweight, corrosion-resistant construction

• Combination of ceiling grid system compatible

• Integral steel faceguard protects the HEPA/ULPA filtration system from damage during set up and transportation.

• Fan inlet protect grille ensure operator safe practices during installation and prevents large objects from falling into the casing and damaging that blower

• Pre Filter on request

• Unique modular one-piece blower and electrical assembly was created be serviceable and simply replaceable at lower maintenance costs.

• Standard component shipped with 3 primary electrical wires.

• Quiet operation of less than 56dBA (measured at any distance of 1m in the unit at the normal airflow velocity of 0. 45m/s or 90 FPM with typical AC blower. )

• Select conventional AC or vigor efficient EC Blowers Normal blower speed controller.

• Duct Scruff of the neck 10” (250 mm) along with 12” (300 mm): allows direct link with the air air conditioning supply.

• Room-Side Substitution (RSR) available with serum seal filter element, filter is replacement in the roomside.

•  Permanently lubricated, direct-drive centrifugal blower. 
•  Light weight, corrosion-resistant construction 
•  Wide range of ceiling grid system compatible 
•  Integral metal faceguard protects the HEPA/ULPA filter from damage during installation and transportation. 
•  Fan inlet guard grille ensure operator safety during installation and prevents large objects from falling into the casing and damaging the blower 
•  Pre Filter available on request 
•  Unique modular one-piece blower and electrical assembly is designed be serviceable and easily replaceable at lower maintenance costs. 
• Standard unit shipped with 3 core electrical wires. 
• Quiet operation of less than 56dBA (measured at a distance of 1m from the unit at the standard airflow velocity of 0.45m/s or 90 FPM with standard AC blower.) 
• Choose from conventional AC or energy efficient EC Blowers Standard blower speed controller. 
• Duct Collar 10” (250 mm) and 12 ” (300 mm): allows direct connection to the air air conditioning supply. 
• Room-Side Replacement (RSR) available with gel seal filter element, filter is replacement from the roomside. 

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