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100% PP BFE99 BFE95 KF94 Facemask Filter Material
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100% PP BFE99 BFE95 KF94 Facemask Filter Material


Properties of Non-Woven Fabric:

A lot of key characteristics of non-woven fabrics have noted in the below

The presence of non-woven fabrics may possibly be felt like, paper like or nearly the same as that of woven sheets.

Non-woven fabric may be an excess of thicker than or because thin as tissue papers.

It may be opaque or even translucent.

Some non-woven fabric have excellent launder flexibility where others have nothing.

The drapability of non-woven cloth varies from good to none whatsoever.

Burst strength of this fabric is always to very high tensile power.

Non-woven fabric may often be fabricated by gluing, sewing or heat bonding.

Non-woven fabric may have a resilient, soft give.

This type of fabric can be stiff, hard, or commonly with little pliability.

These kinds of fabric porosity ranges from low tear.

Some non-woven fabrics might be dry-cleaned.

Applications of Non-Woven Fabrics

Baby diapers, feminine practices products, adult incontinence things, dry and wet pads, but also nursing pads or nasal strips, bandages along with wound dressings like functioning drapes, gowns, and features, face masks, dressings as well as swabs, osteomy bag liners, remoteness gowns, surgical gowns, surgical drapes and covers, precise scrub suits, caps interlinings, efficiency and protection clothing, conventional workwear, chemical defence fits, shoe components, etc.

Baby wipes and dusters, tea and also coffee bags, fabric softeners, foods wraps, filters, bed along with table linen, etc.

Boot liners, shelf trim, essential oil and cabin air filters, moulded bonnet liners, heat shields, airbags, tapes, decorating fabrics, etc.

Roofing as well as tile underlay, thermal and also noise insulation, house place, understanding, drainage, etc.

Asphalt overlay, land stabilization, drainage, sedimentation plus erosion control, etc.

Hevac, Hepa, Ulpa filters, fuel, oil, and air - including HEPA filtration, H2O, coffee, tea bags, fruit juice cartridge and bag filters, hoover bags, allergen membranes as well as laminates with non-woven clleular layers cable insulation, abrasives, reinforced plastics, battery separators, satellite pots and pans, artificial leather, air energetic, coating.

Soil stabilizers and also roadway underlayment, foundation stabilizers, erosion manage, canals construction, drainage methods, geomembranes protection, frost security, agriculture mulch, pond plus canal water barriers, fine sand infiltration barrier for drainage tile.

Data Sheet
Raw Material 100% Virgin PP (Polypropylene) Only 
Color any color is available
Roll Width  0.4/0.8/1.6/1.2/2.4/2.6 (Customized)
Roll Length 100-3000 meters/per roll (Customized)
Weight scope 10-250 gsm
Style Dot/Cross
Technics Spunbond/Spun bonded/Spun-bonded
Characteristics Breathable, Anti-Bacterial , Waterproof, UV-resistant, Antistatic, Flame retardant etc. as your requirement
Applications Agricultural covers, weed control, medical/hygiene such as cap, gown, foot cover, wall cover, shopping bags, suits pockets, gift bags, sofa upholstery, home furnishing, handbag lining, shoe leather lining
Production Capability 800 tons/ month
MOQ 500kgs/color; 

paper tube(1.5"/2"/3") inside, polybag outside

Delivery time

7-15 days after order confirmation



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