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dust free clean room/clean booth with free design
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dust free clean room/clean booth with free design


Having FFU (Fan Filter Unit) as the core, clean booth provides an excellent level of cleanliness. which draws in contaminated air in the top of the module, and exhausts filtered clean air vertically in the unidirectional(laminar) air stream on its base, is the self-contained fan and filtration module for clean bedroom applications.

It is a fantastic option to create your cleaner space within a preexisting normal room or an area with low-level of personal hygiene.

1.Assembly structure designed, easy installation and easily moved.

2.Directional wheels can be installed, suitable for small building and high cleanliness area.

3.Modular design: clean booth can be as small as several square meters and can be as large as hundreds of square meters.

4.It has large useful and effective area; while compared with traditional clean room, it has such features like low investment, high return and stable.

5.Customized design is welcome.

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