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Medium Efficiency Bag Filter
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Medium Efficiency Bag Filter


Pocket filter is an extended surface air filter designed for most medium and high efficiency air filtration systems. This broad spectrum of styles and models makes the ManiPack extremely versatile and suitable for almost any commercial or industrial air handling system. Maniac filters are presently in sue in over 20,000 applications, including hospitals, automotive plants, office buildings, universities, pharmaceutical facilities, and sports arenas around the wold. The pocket filter media is composed of 4 layers designed to meet the various ASHRAE standards. The media consist of one layer of spun bound on each side for strength and stability, one coarse fiber melt-blown layer for filtration of larger particles and one fine melt-blown layer for filtration of smaller particles. 
Tripled sealed sonic weld- For extra protection against pocket failure, the sonic sealing process is applied in a triple weld pattern. 
Fabric ribbon separators-Ribbons of polypropylene fabric inside the pockets to create aerodynamic channels allowing air to flow smoothly through the filter. 
The header is a corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum or Galvanized metal frame.


• Ultrasonically-welded pocket spacers and edges 
• Maintenance-free and easy to install. 
• High-loft, layered, melt-blown synthetic media 
• Four Efficiencies range from MERV 14 (90-95%), MERV 13 (80-85%), MERV 11(60-65%), MERV 9(40-45%) 
• Pocket support loops are available. 
• Available in a wide range of sizes, pocket counts and pocket depths in each efficiency. 
• Open throat design for optimum air flow 
• Low initial pressure drop provides longer service life 
• Each filter includes a label noting tested efficiency,pressure drop,rated airflow Parameters & Material

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