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Polypropylene BFE99 Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric
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Polypropylene BFE99 Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric


Product Story

 Meltblown fabric is an ultrafine fiber non-woven material created by meltblown process, raw content is food grade PP, fibre diameter might be 0. 5um-2um.

Our Meltblown match BFE99 standard,applications include extra surgical face masks, energy filtration, clean room pocket filters and much more.

For example,the medical face mask has three tiers, and the meltblown cloth will be middle layer. It has strong filtering, shielding, as well as thermal insulation properties. It may play the role of sterilization and virus isolation. It can be said who's is the heart of a medical mask.

Both the inner and outer layers of the medical mask are just supporting functions. The most critical thing for filtering viruses will be middle melt-blown cloth. The ordinary melt-blown cloth features a filtration efficiency of 50%. It has to be reprocessed to increase electrostatic adsorption previous to bacterial filtration can reach a lot more than 99% ( (Referred to be able to as BFE99) 50% filtration system efficiency meltblown cloth can certainly only be used as a civilian protective mask, exclusively dust, dust, and cannot isolate viruses, but many medical masks, surgical masks must use 99% sieve efficiency meltblown cloth.

Inside the chain of medical goggles, meltblown fabrics, special resources for meltblown fabrics, along with raw materials, special materials are the main links. The main raw material for any production of special supplies for meltblown cloth is usually polypropylene (Polypropylene), and the material supply mainly proceeds from Sinopec.

Product process


  • Parameters
  • Brand:VTF

    Material:100 % Polypropylene



    Technology :Meltblown

    Application:Bag filter media, face mask,etc.

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