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Pleated Activated Carbon Filter For HVAC Filter
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Pleated Activated Carbon Filter For HVAC Filter


Pleated Activated Carbon Filter


l Rich pore structure and large specific surface area;

l Strong adsorption capacity for harmful gases for instance formaldehyde and toluene;

l Good deodorizing result;

l Good chemical stability in addition to high mechanical strength;

l Good formability in addition to low airflow resistance;

l Small battle and large dust keeping capacity.


It is suitable for exhaust gas purification and dust filtration with various ventilation systems, air conditioning systems and dust eradication systems.

• Excellent gas phase filter for intermittent gas applications 
• Excellent filter to determine if carbon filters will remove the odor 
• Effective gas phase filtration for common, compact applications 
• Fits all standard front access frame & side access housings 
• Low pressure drop 
• 2”  and 4 ”  models 
• Disposable, easy to use, low service cost 
• Produce little to no dust

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