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Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Cabinet
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Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Cabinet


Clean bench, as a partial (vertical or horizontally ones) clean equipment, can make the working area meet purification dependence on Class 100. These series include two structures: the first one is one-piece sort, the other one is bench with self-purification separator. Customized is available.

Product Attributes

Class 100 air personal hygiene within work zone depending on US Federal Standard 209E.

High-quality HEPA Filter with a typical efficiency of 99. 99% from 0. 3 microns produce best product protection, ULPA filter which includes a typical efficiency 99. 9997% @ 0. 12 microns exists upon request.

Build-in reliable state variable speed control.

Standard cabinet control system includes separate switches / indication lights for blower, signals and UV lamp.

Industrial-grade main body made of electro- galvanized steel.

Easy-to-clean steel work surface is extra durablethan other materials all of which never rust, chip, or generate particles.

Permanently lubricated special drive centrifugal blowers; vitality efficient external rotor magnetic generator type design reduces working costs; extremely low disturbance and vibration levels. ( a lot less than 68 dBA at doing work position).

• Class 100 air cleanliness within work zone as per US Federal Standard 209E. 
• High-quality HEPA Filter with a typical efficiency of 99.99% at 0.3 microns provide best product protection, ULPA filter with a typical efficiency 99.9997% @ 0.12 microns is available upon request. 
• Build-in solid state variable speed controller. 
• Standard cabinet control system consists of separate switches / indicator lights for blower, lights and UV lamp. 
• Industrial-grade main body constructed of electro-galvanized steel. 
• Easy-to-clean stainless steel work surface is more durable than other materials and will never rust, chip, or generate particles. 
• Permanently lubricated direct drive centrifugal blowers; energy efficient external rotor motor type design reduces operating costs; extremely low noise and vibration levels.( less than 68 dBA at working position) 

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  • The VTF Laminar Flow Cabinet offer proven protection for your samples and processes where operator protection is not required.

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