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Filtro De Piso Techo EU5 Fiber Glass
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Filtro De Piso Techo EU5 Fiber Glass


Paint Stop

PaintGuard ® PSG Media is made of continuous filament fiberglass. These fibers are formed into a
graded density blanket to provide maximum depth loading throughout the roll or pad. The density is increased progressively to the air outlet side. It is able to prevent the short fiber spread, to collect the dissociative particles and to protect the air circulation system and the ceiling filtration systems. Media upstream is white and down stream is green. 
Widely used in spray booth or filter mist in the kitchen. 
  spray booth floor filter 
  Low initial resistance. 
  Progressive structure 
  Available in Bulk Rolls, Media Pads, Panels. 
  2”or 4 ” nominal thickness 
  Different color on upstream and downsteam. 
  Fine glass fibers. 
  Economical and partical 

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