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Air Shower for clean room
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Air Shower for clean room


Air Shower are self contained chambers installed with entrances to cleanrooms and also other controlled environments. They prevent particulate matter entering or maybe exiting the clean living space. Personnel and materials entering or exiting the managed environment are “ scrubbed” simply by high velocity ULPA-filtered air jets with velocities of 20-25m/s (4000-4500fpm). Contaminated air is then drawn through the base within the system, filtered and recirculated.

VITE is usually a expert in air showers for demanding applications within the micro-electronics, semiconductors, pharmaceutical, apply painting, lab animal research and grocery stores

Product Characteristics

• Air flow Shower filters meet EN 1822 for H13 Performance.

• Microprocessor development capabilities

• Standard interlocking opportunities which release automatically by using power power failure

• Just in case of a power inability, all doors are revealed to you automatically, and controller setting saved.

• A disposable pre-filter together with 85% arsenate extends lifespan of HEPA Filter.

• The Air Shower is made from steel sheets with the abrasion-resistant oven-baked powder covered finish.

• Each Surroundings Shower is individually manufacturing plant tested for safety along with performance standard.

• The air Shower is fully assembled and prepared to install and operate while shipped.

• The Air Shower is warranted for 12 months excluding consumable parts as well as accessories.

• Zhuowei Air Shower filters meet EN 1822 for H13 Performance. 
• Microprocessor programming capabilities 
• Standard interlocking doors which release automatically with power power failure 
• In case of a power failure, all doors are unlocked automatically, and controller setting saved. 
• A disposable pre-filter with 85% arsenate extends the life of HEPA Filter. 
• The Air Shower is constructed of steel sheets with an abrasion-resistant oven-baked powder coated finish. 
• Each Air Shower is individually factory tested for safety and performance standard. 
• The Air Shower is fully assembled and ready to install and operate when shipped. 
• The Air Shower is warranted for 1 year excluding consumable parts and accessories 

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