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99.99% Box Type HEPA Filter with Flange
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99.99% Box Type HEPA Filter with Flange


ULTRAwal ® HJS Separator HEPA filter can theoretically remove at the least 99. 97% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria and any airborne particles with a size of 0. A FEW micrometers. In some conditions, they can even get rid of or reduce viral contamination. The diameter specification of 0. 3 responds towards the most penetrating particle size(MPPS). Particles which have been smaller or larger are trapped with even higher efficiency. Uses microfiber cup media, providing efficiency to published performance values as well as being resistant to moisture within high humidity environments.

Standard applications include medical comforts, pharmaceutical manufacturing, electronics part manufacturing, food and dairy processing facilities, hospitals, nuclear, laboratories, aerospace, optics and a lot of other locations where ultra-clean air is usually a requirement.

- Filter efficiencies connected with 99. 97% up for you to 99. 993%@0. 3 µm;

- Tested for leak explanation;

- High dust controlling capacity;

- Standard Potential and High Capacity obtainable;

- Each filter requires a label noting tested productivity, pressure drop, rated airflow;

- A one-piece endless gasket to make sure a leak-free filter-to-holding system seal;

  • Parameters

  • - Frame: Extruded Aluminium / Galvanized Steel /MDF 
    - Media: Wet laid microfine glass paper 
    - Separator: Aluminium foil or Kraft Paper 
    - Sealant: Polyurethane 
    - Gasket: Continuous foamed seal /Urethane 
    - Frame Type: Box, Single-header and Double-header 
    - Max.Constant Temperature: 80℃ (170  ) 
    - Recommended Final Resistance: 500Pa ( 2.0” W.G) 
    - Flammability: UL Classified 
    - Relative Humidity: 100% 

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