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Basic information and main properties of the HAVC Filter
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Basic information and main properties of the HAVC Filter

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The HAVC Filter can be used as a pre-filter for general domestic and industrial ventilation systems, it is used in shopping malls, theatres, hospitals, houses, offices, gyms, airports, etc. The HAVC Filter is an excellent pre-filter for higher efficiency filters, it is an excellent primary filter and prevents dust build-up when heated. Each HAVC Filter includes a label indicating the tested efficiency, pressure drop, and airflow rating. Next, let's take a look at the basic information and main properties of the HAVC Filter. Here are some answers.

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Basic information about the HAVC Filter.

The main properties of the HAVC Filter are described.

Basic information about the HAVC Filter.

For the first filtration stage of HVAC filtration systems. The exclusive media is a specific mixture of cotton and polyester fibers. This special blend incorporates the mechanical particle capture principle and does not require an electret charge to increase efficiency; efficiency is maintained throughout the life of the HAVC Filter. The media forms radial pleats to ensure full utilization of the media area and this combination provides MERV 7 ASHRAE efficiency, uniformly low resistance to airflow throughout the life of the filter, and a longer system life than standard capacity filters. This lower resistance translates into energy savings. The HAVC Filter is ideal for commercial, industrial, medical, institutional, or any other application.

With an efficiency of 99.7% for 0.1 microns and 0.3 microns, the HAVC screen features a filter that allows air to pass through, but not fine particles. The HAVC filter is available in PP paper, glass fiber, composite PPPET paper, melt blown polyester non-woven, and melt blown glass fiber. The HAVC Filter is characterized by its low air resistance, high dust holding capacity, and high filtration accuracy and can be manufactured in various sizes and shapes to suit different models.

The main properties of the HAVC Filter are described.

The HAVC Filter is made of very fine organic fibers which are interwoven and have a high capacity for particle capture, a small pore size, and a high adsorption capacity. The HAVC filter is highly efficient and absorbent, with a purification rate of 99.97% for particles of 0.3 microns. This means that only 3 out of every 10,000 particles can penetrate the HAVC filter membrane, which is so effective that if used to filter cigarettes, the filtering effect can be almost 100%, as particles in cigarettes are between 0.5 and 2 microns in size and cannot pass through the HAVC Filter. The filtration efficiency of a filter is proportional to its surface area. The HAVC Filter for air purifiers is multi-layered and folds up to approximately 14.5 times larger than the folded area, resulting in superior filtration efficiency. The HAVC Filter is used in more than 90% of air purifiers in the USA and is also widely used in Sweden, Switzerland, and Germany, but this innovative technology is still in the exploratory stage in the Chinese purification industry.

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