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Difference Between Deep pleated Hepa Filter and Mini pleated Hepa Filter

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Difference Between Deep pleated Hepa Filter and Mini pleated Hepa Filter

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Mini pleated HEPA filter is quite different with deep pleated HEPA filter, HEPA filter is mainly used to capture dust particles of 0.5 um or below, it is composed of filter media and frame, different filter made of different material. HEPA filter with separator are called as deep pleated HEPA filter, another is mini pleated HEPA filter, which separated with wire like separator instead of ordinary separator.


Deep Pleated HEPA filter media usually made of superfine fiber glass, which separated with paper or aluminum foil, frame can be heat resistant and made of wood, aluminum alloy, steel or stainless steel.Mini pleated HEPA filter media usually made of superfine fiber glass, which separated with hot-melt adhesive, frame can be aluminum and max 80 degree heat resistant, so it’s in lighter weight but weak heat resistance. Relatively speaking, mini pleated HEPA filter is better than pleated HEPA filter because of lighter weight, more compact structure and easier carrying.


Deep pleated filter is mainly used for hospital, electronics, food, precision machinery, semiconductor production etc because of heat resistance.Mini-pleat HEPA filter is mainly used for high cleanliness required equipment and terminal outlets because of high efficiency, low resistance, large air volume, and small size.

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